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Hector Hurst’s new website

Hector Hurst’s new website is now live! We’ve created a brand new website design for our GTX World sponsored driver Hector Hurst. Hector competes in the FIA Formula 2 championship and boasts the GTX World logo.

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The series is already 3 tracks into the 8 track championship and Hector has been in the top 10 for all but one of the six rounds. A great achievement in his debut year of international racing in the fiercely competitive class which boasts 20 drivers in identical cars.

Supporting Hector Hurst and his 2012 Formula 2 campaign

Hector Hurst in his F2 car - Photo courtesy of Oliver Phillips
Hector Hurst in his F2 car – Photo courtesy of Oliver Phillips

Everyone knows how expensive motorsport can be, especially as you progress up the ladder. We’re helping to show our support to British racing driver Hector Hurst who will be competing his maiden international car racing debut in the FIA Formula 2 2012 championship.

We will be providing Hector with a nice up-to-date website that meets his needs for 2012. At this level of motorsport sponsorship pays a key part to his success so part of the aim of this new website will be to provide him an improved channel to obtain sponsors. It will also provide viewers with the ability to see his latest media and news so that his fans can keep track of his progress.

For 2012 Hector will also be posting a monthly blog which will be available on his website and also via The Checkered Flag, a leading motorsport news website.

Keep up to date on Hectors progress through his website or his Twitter: @HectorHurst

We look forward to a continued partnership with Hector and wish him the best of luck for his Formula 2 campaign! Make sure you keep an eye on his progress and a lookout for our name on his car!

New site for 2012

Say hello to our new website for 2012!

After a lot of hard work during the Christmas period, we have put in a lot of effort to revamp our website. The new website is a big improvement from the old one and it offers better and more useful information about our work and the services we can offer our clients.

It features a completely new design based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and has some XML data driven features. We have our latest blog and Twitter posts at the bottom of the homepage so you can quickly see what’s new with GTX World. As you can tell this site focuses more on news and updates thank to the Twitter and our custom designed blog.

It’s a nice step forward as the old website started to become outdated and we feel it helps show our clients what we can do for them!

One of the key benefits of the new website is the new portfolio pages with the gallery viewing for each of the projects. This shows clear information about our portfolio and gives users an idea to what services we can do for our clients and how well we do them! You no longer have to just believe us when we say our work is good…you can hear what our customers have to say too!

We hope you all enjoy the new website and a Happy New year to our clients and future clients!

GTX World launch their in-house URL shortening

At GTX World we are always trying to make it easy for our customers to access our products and resources so we have just launched our in-house URL shortening basted on our new domain name.

This service allows us to easily shorted and reference websites/links that we think are useful to you. It is kind of like the Twitter URL shortening and shows that we trust the sites that are being linked through the domain name. It makes your life easier should you want to share one of our links (e.g. automatically redirects to our main website so save time and hassle and you can type the 6 characters into your address or website and easily get to our site!