KC Furniture’s new e-commerce website

KC Furniture is a new venture that racing star Kieren Clark has setup. As the name suggests , he sells furniture. The website was created so that Kieren could show off his products to people who wanted to know what he had to offer. By making it freely available on a website it means that he no longer has to spend time emailing people back with individual pictures – they can just find out all the products from his kcfurniture.co.uk website.

Rather than selling products directly through the website the website uses a Listing system so users can add products to what is almost a wish list and then someone from the business can get back in contact with the customer to finalise orders and payment. This listing system is based on a standard online shopping experience so users are familiar with it and the website can easily be changed to support sales through the site rather than purchase enquiries.

Check out kcfurniture.co.uk for all of your furniture needs!

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