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Our current progress with iPad apps

Storm8 Calculator apps getting their updates

After many weeks of hard work, our Storm8 (iMobsters, World War & Racing Live) Calculators are ready for our exciting new update. We’ve worked harder to bring you an even better solution to help you in your game.

v3.0 is dramatically faster thanks to the new framework we have implemented server-side. Now, instead of just showing a server-side version of your data through web views we copy across a local version of the data so calculations (such as ROI sorting) are done directly on your device, making the sorting instant! As a result you don’t have to keep downloading the same data thus saving your internet allowance and making everything so much simpler!

v3.0 also features “Pull To Reload” on all the tables of data. For ROI in the calculator page this re-sorts the data by ROI, but for everything else it re-downloads the data from the server.

Auto Calculator (Tell Me) has also been dramatically improved in v3.0. It’s much faster, much more reliable and it now automatically updates the calculator page when “Apply to Account” is pressed. It simultaneously pushes the changes to the server so the server is in sync too!

As well as these great new improvements, there are several other improvements to help make your experience much better and our ability to support you much better!

Best of all, Version 3.0 is free for all existing users of our individual apps! We will keep you informed on their release date, but why not buy them now at http://gtx.im/imc (iMobsters Property Calculator), http://gtx.im/wwc (World War Calculator), http://gtx.im/rl (Racing Live Property Calculator)

We hope you enjoy these updates, and stay tuned for the World War Calculator update!

Touch Tweet gets a shiny new website

With growing development and popularity for Touch Tweet we got to work creating Touch Tweet its very own website. It is as the touchtweet.info website and give potential customers a new way of finding out about Touch Tweet.

You can still quickly get to Touch Tweet on the AppStore by visiting gtx.im/tt

Touch Tweet – now at v1.2

Touch Tweet has received its latest update offering users new and improved features. The latest version is v1.2 and is available now on the AppStore. It’s a free update for existing users.

Touch Tweet v1.2 now features:

  • Full landscape support (iPhone & iPad)
  • App launching using the touchtweet:// URL (see app for options)

If you haven’t got it, buy it now from the AppStore now!