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Hector Hurst’s new website

Hector Hurst’s new website is now live! We’ve created a brand new website design for our GTX World sponsored driver Hector Hurst. Hector competes in the FIA Formula 2 championship and boasts the GTX World logo.

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The series is already 3 tracks into the 8 track championship and Hector has been in the top 10 for all but one of the six rounds. A great achievement in his debut year of international racing in the fiercely competitive class which boasts 20 drivers in identical cars.

Supporting Hector Hurst and his 2012 Formula 2 campaign

Hector Hurst in his F2 car - Photo courtesy of Oliver Phillips
Hector Hurst in his F2 car – Photo courtesy of Oliver Phillips

Everyone knows how expensive motorsport can be, especially as you progress up the ladder. We’re helping to show our support to British racing driver Hector Hurst who will be competing his maiden international car racing debut in the FIA Formula 2 2012 championship.

We will be providing Hector with a nice up-to-date website that meets his needs for 2012. At this level of motorsport sponsorship pays a key part to his success so part of the aim of this new website will be to provide him an improved channel to obtain sponsors. It will also provide viewers with the ability to see his latest media and news so that his fans can keep track of his progress.

For 2012 Hector will also be posting a monthly blog which will be available on his website and also via The Checkered Flag, a leading motorsport news website.

Keep up to date on Hectors progress through his website or his Twitter: @HectorHurst

We look forward to a continued partnership with Hector and wish him the best of luck for his Formula 2 campaign! Make sure you keep an eye on his progress and a lookout for our name on his car!

KC Furniture’s new e-commerce website

KC Furniture is a new venture that racing star Kieren Clark has setup. As the name suggests , he sells furniture. The website was created so that Kieren could show off his products to people who wanted to know what he had to offer. By making it freely available on a website it means that he no longer has to spend time emailing people back with individual pictures – they can just find out all the products from his website.


Touch Tweet gets a shiny new website

With growing development and popularity for Touch Tweet we got to work creating Touch Tweet its very own website. It is as the website and give potential customers a new way of finding out about Touch Tweet.

You can still quickly get to Touch Tweet on the AppStore by visiting