Updates for our calculator apps are coming (we promise)

Over the past 3 months we have been working on improving our calculator apps for the Storm 8 games and had intended to have the update available mid March. Unfortunately we have not been able to meet this deadline of a complete restructuring of the system and we would like to explain why and what the upcoming plans are for the apps.

The new updates are designed to improve the application’s efficiency as well as improve our ability to update the content remotely whilst providing our users the ability to manage their properties offline. The server-side interface for the data management has been running for a while now. It supports the updated list of equipment/cars/units (we are sorry we were trailing behind with this). We have also completed the basis for the iOS application, including offline support for the data. The only problem with the application right now is we haven’t been able to focus our efforts on linking the iOS app to the server (I won’t go into the details as to why), but once that’s done and been tested then we’re even closer to releasing the new update!

One of the hurdles we’ve come across with the new version of the applications is our need to transfer to a new database schema that will take advantage of a different way of uniquely identifying your device so we can log you straight into your account. We have done this because, as of iOS 6.1, Apple are no longer accepting applications that utilise the UDID for the device.

With the latest AppStore requirements we will no longer be able to support the iPhone 3G and pre iOS 5 devices. With the anticipation for iOS 7, it is certainly the step in the right direction; so if you’re still using an old device, it’s about time you upgraded!!

The calculator apps (iMobsters, Racing Live and World War) will be a free upgrade for all our existing customers.

Thank you for your patience.

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